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Food Delivery Service

The ordering process

  1. The customer rings and places a delivery order with the restaurant/shop.
  2. The restaurant/shop should include the delivery cost into the overall cost charged. A fixed amount would be less confusing to customers but fare estimators are available online if required. The overall cost is ideally paid by the customer to the restaurant/shop with a credit card over the phone at the time of ordering.
  3. When the food/package is ready (or almost ready) to be picked up, the restaurant/shop creates a booking using QuickCab.
    1. The name of the customer, their phone number and delivery address should be entered into the NamePhone Number and Notes fields respectively. The notes field should also include the last-4-digit credit card numbers if that is not turned off for the fleet (click on the picture above to see example).
    2. If a mobile phone number is specified, an SMS can be sent to the customer with a tracking link.
    3. Furthermore, if a mobile phone number is specified the booking, the driver can even send an SMS through the system to advise the customer that the food/package is at their door step.
  4. When the food/package is delivered, the driver processes the payment as either being paid by "Reg Card" or "Account".
  5. The restaurant/shop is charged immediately for the taxi trip if paid via registered credit card or the fleet can issue the restaurant/shop an account invoice afterwards.

Once shops or restaurants are setup to use the service, we can help send out SMS’s to your customer lists to notify them of the availability of the service to help the uptake. This SMS service will need to be limited due to load but please contact us if you are interested.

We are aware this method may not suit every taxi fleet so we are happy to receive feedback.

Please let us know any questions you have or if you need help with setting this up for fleets and we will keep you updated on any changes that are made to help.

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